TheCompassProject is a for profit company that develops NON-PROFIT PRODUCTS and dedicates the proceeds to organizations that promote our vision of “liberty and justice for all”. We promise to be completely transparent with your contributions, telling you exactly how much has been contributed to the organization and who it will support.


It is a give that gets more women elected.


Liberty and justice for all is under threat on multiple fronts due to the stated policies and intended actions of the current administration. As a result, the first action of TheCompass Project is to support EmergeAmerica. We believe that their mission aligns with our True North, and will enable the return to a democracy we can be proud of.


Each bracelet will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and a numerical indication that represents how many bracelets have been sold and tracks progress toward our fundraising goals. 


When we reach our goal of 3,000,000 helping hands, we’ll set a new goal, because the pursuit of liberty and justice for all is a worthy cause.