TheCompassProject emerged as an idea during a meeting of entrepreneurs and morphed into a compelling pursuit driven by a jewelry designer, a product marketer, and the promise of following true north because we believe women have only begun to tap their power.

TheCompassProject is registered as a for profit company that develops non-profit products and dedicates the proceeds to organizations that promote our vision of “justice for all”.

We promise to be completely transparent with your contributions, telling you exactly how much has been contributed to the organization and who it will support. All profits from the sale of the True North Bracelet will be donated to Ready to Run ®

Sandra Lewis, Co-Founder

Sandra is driven by her passion for adornment and celebrating beauty. Her jewelry design career began and flourished in high end fashion showcases, illuminating the power of art to engage hearts and minds. TheCOMPASSProject blends Sandra’s work with organizations to discover the symbol of their mission, and her love of symbols that connect people to purpose and each other.  Sandra Lewis Design

Sue Parham, Co-Founder

Sue's leadership roles in product marketing and passion for storytelling are perfectly at home serving TheCOMPASSProject’s mission to positively impact the future. A recent trip to a refugee camp in Rwanda awakened Sue to the depth of hope in the face of need and heightened her awareness of our responsibility to support humankind in need. Lessons Learned

Special Thanks

Our heartfelt gratitude to our guides whose time, expertise, dedication and insight make possible and enrich this project. Your input, generosity and support are immensely appreciated!

Rebecca Huston – HUENPDX
Maggie Palmer – MKP Creative
Katya Hoogerhuis – theGRQP
Laura Fravel – Video

Heaven McArthur – Photography
Patty McNally – McNallyArt
Ilene Erickson