Rise to the Moment


Raise Your Hand


Change the Balance of Power

TheCompassProject calls to action those searching for True North in these chaotic times. 

Purchase a bracelet today and 30% of profits will support preparing women to run for elected office. 

Join us as we partner with CAWP and Ready to Run® to increase female representation in our legislature.


This moment calls women to harness their collective passion, power and economic strength to drive change. Women control over 80% of consumer purchases in the USA, but lack a voice in our government, holding only 12% of corporate board seats and 20% of elected offices. See the facts.

For decades, women volunteered while men wrote checks. It's time for us to rise up and raise funds to drive our own progress.


TheCompassProject creates artful, high quality products designed to activate awareness and generate profits that support worthy causes. The True North Bracelet is an original Sandra Lewis Design, hand cast by American artisans. Aimed at True North, the sterling silver medallion is set on a double wrap leather band with a beautiful magnetic clasp.

The True North Symbol has the power to stir us to action and remind us of our values. The True North Bracelet allows us to wear our values. Today, our compass needle is pointing towards READY TO RUN®, a program training and preparing more women to run for government offices.

30% of our profits will go straight to READY TO RUN®


Statistics show there is a clear and stunning lack of women in government. Gender equity can only be achieved if women’s voices champion the things women care about. Women reach across the aisle, forgo power in favor of solutions, achieve policy goals, and seek higher ground on issues such as healthcare, education and the environment.

The profits from the True North bracelet will pave a better path for the future. By using resources and ingenuity to face social challenges, we demonstrate our responsibility to each other and the next generation.