In a passionate conversation during a mastermind group for entrepreneurs, an idea morphed into a jubilant collaboration we call TheCompassProject. Although we were a group of politically engaged, disconcerted and motivated women, we still wondered how we could be part of a solution. How to tap into the national discourse? How to give back and make a real and quantifiable difference? How to feel a greater sense of connection? Thus began the collaboration of Sandra Lewis, Jewelry Designer and Sue Parham, product manager and a host of other believers willing to dedicate their time to make TheCompassProject a reality.


Sandra Lewis

Principal Designer, Co-Founder

believes that our best is exactly what the world deserves and needs from each of us, and that a world filled with beauty provides therapy for our soul. She followed her north star which took her from being a high end jewelry designer for the likes of Neiman Marcus and Barneys to creating symbols to connect people to their sense of purpose and each other.

The idea that jewelry can be more than
adornment isn’t new. POW bracelets, St.
Christopher’s medals and yellow bands
rallied us to fight and hold on to hope.

Sue Parham

Director of Operations, Co-Founder

Sue believes “many hands make light work”, and that TheCompassProject can impact our future positively by bringing our collective financial contributions together to forge a new era. A recent trip to a refugee camp in Rwanda awakened Sue to the depth of hope in the face of need and heightened her awareness of our responsibility to support mankind in need.

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A special thanks to our believers:
Katya Hoogerhuis, web design
Laura Fravel, filmmaker & photographer
Maggie Palmer, MKP Creative
Jillian Schoene, emergeOregon
Tracy Mollenholt, consultant


“In life and politics, as in art, when the sum is greater than the parts, there is a bit of magic in the alchemy of it all. Together, we can accomplish more for the greater good! “